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Fall Gardening: Cool Weather Veggies, What are They, How to Plant?

By on Sep 29, 2017 in Blog, Container Gardening, Cool Weather Veggies, Fall Garden | 23 comments

Fall Gardening: Cool Weather Veggies – What are They and How to Plant? As the summer warm weather crops are winding down, the chill of the Fall air doesn’t mean gardening season is over.  It’s a lot of fun to keep the garden going as long as possible!  This is the time of year to plant some vegetables that like the cooler weather. What are cool weather vegetables? Cool weather vegetables are simply vegetables that grow best in the cooler weather, 75 degree F or colder.  If you’re concerned about your veggies getting frozen in the winter, there several types  that will survive and even thrive in frost conditions, such as root vegetables, lettuce, kale and other types of greens. Veggies like lettuce, greens, broccoli, peas, cabbage, radishes, carrots, and brussel sprouts love the cool weather and are ideal for a fall garden.   Where to plant? My garden is still full of...

 Growing Garlic – Plant it and Forget it!

By on Nov 12, 2016 in Blog, Container Gardening, Cool Weather Veggies | 20 comments

  Growing Garlic – Plant it and Forget It!   If you want a crop that you can plant over the winter time and forget about til spring, garlic is the crop for you!   In my opinion, garlic is just about the easiest thing you can grow in your garden. A cold weather lover, garlic can be planted a few weeks before the first frost date in the fall/winter.  Throw a layer of leaves or straw over it and it’s ready to harvest about 6 months after planting.  Seriously, folks, that’s it. In a cold winter climate, it will go dormant in the cold weather.  When spring comes, you’ll see signs of life as green shoots make their way though the soil.  If you live in a warm winter climate, like I do, you will see green shoots about 2 weeks after planting, and it will grow all winter long.  Garlic grows a new head from each clove that you plant and will be ready to harvest in about 6 months. ...