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Made in the Garden: Butternut Squash Herbed Rice

By on Oct 24, 2017 in Blog, Butternet Squash, Fall Garden, Garden to Table | 4 comments

Several of you mentioned that you are successfully harvesting a fall crop of butternut squash with the tips from the last blog post.  Great job!  Now what to do with it?  The best advice I can share you is keep it simple!  We all have busy schedules – who has time to spend hours in the kitchen? We work hard to grow our own food and it’s important to know how to prepare quick, simple meals out of our homegrown veggies so we can reap the benefits – and be healthier and happier as a result. Butternut squash is colorful, sweet, creamy and delicious, and makes for a perfect fall meal.  After you’ve read this post watched the video below, you’ll know exactly how to prepare a simple tasty side dish from your own homegrown, delectable butternut squash.     Your family will gobble up this colorful, tasty side dish – and you’ll feel the satisfaction and pride...

How to Harvest Butternut Squash

By on Oct 6, 2017 in Blog, Fall Garden, Harvest, Winter Squash | 14 comments

I recently harvested several perfectly ripe gorgeous butternut squash.  We had a lot of fun sharing the abundance with neighbors, and are loving the tasty fall recipes.  Stuffed butternut squash, butternut squash chili, and butternut squash rice with herbs are a few of our favorites.   Click here  to watch a YouTube video on how to make butternut squash rice with herbs – mmmm!)  Whenever I take a bite of this super flavorful winter squash, it just screams out FALL!       However, if you’re a first time butternut squash grower, you might be wondering “When is the best time to harvest?”  Nothing more frustrating than harvesting it too soon and it’s not ripe. Or maybe you have waited too long to harvest yours, and it splits.  No worries, with a few simple tips, you’ll be harvesting your butternut squash like a pro and soon will be making all kinds of delicious meals...

Fall Gardening: Cool Weather Veggies, What are They, How to Plant?

By on Sep 29, 2017 in Blog, Container Gardening, Cool Weather Veggies, Fall Garden | 23 comments

Fall Gardening: Cool Weather Veggies – What are They and How to Plant? As the summer warm weather crops are winding down, the chill of the Fall air doesn’t mean gardening season is over.  It’s a lot of fun to keep the garden going as long as possible!  This is the time of year to plant some vegetables that like the cooler weather. What are cool weather vegetables? Cool weather vegetables are simply vegetables that grow best in the cooler weather, 75 degree F or colder.  If you’re concerned about your veggies getting frozen in the winter, there several types  that will survive and even thrive in frost conditions, such as root vegetables, lettuce, kale and other types of greens. Veggies like lettuce, greens, broccoli, peas, cabbage, radishes, carrots, and brussel sprouts love the cool weather and are ideal for a fall garden.   Where to plant? My garden is still full of...