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How to Harvest Butternut Squash

By on Oct 6, 2017 in Blog, Fall Garden, Harvest, Winter Squash | 14 comments

I recently harvested several perfectly ripe gorgeous butternut squash.  We had a lot of fun sharing the abundance with neighbors, and are loving the tasty fall recipes.  Stuffed butternut squash, butternut squash chili, and butternut squash rice with herbs are a few of our favorites.   Click here  to watch a YouTube video on how to make butternut squash rice with herbs – mmmm!)  Whenever I take a bite of this super flavorful winter squash, it just screams out FALL!       However, if you’re a first time butternut squash grower, you might be wondering “When is the best time to harvest?”  Nothing more frustrating than harvesting it too soon and it’s not ripe. Or maybe you have waited too long to harvest yours, and it splits.  No worries, with a few simple tips, you’ll be harvesting your butternut squash like a pro and soon will be making all kinds of delicious meals...

How and When to Harvest Garlic

By on May 12, 2017 in Blog, Container Gardening, Harvest, Organic Gardening | 7 comments

How and When to Harvest Garlic Homegrown garlic – pungent and sharp and oh so flavorful!  Much more powerful than it’s store-bought counterpart, it adds a strong, unmistakable taste to many of our favorite recipes.  I recently harvested my container-grown garlic and made a delicious garlic rosemary chicken with garlic roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts that received rave reviews from my family! Garlic couldn’t be easier to grow – I like to call it a a “plant it and forget it crop”.  It is usually planted in the fall, just before the first frost date of the winter, and it grows for about 6 months, with little care required.  Check out my previous blog post on planting garlic so you know just how to get yours planted when the time is right. It’s very important to know when to harvest garlic, because if you harvest it too soon, your bulbs will be tiny, and if you harvest it...