Who doesn’t love the crunch of a garden fresh carrot, the spicy zip a radish gives a salad, or the gorgeous scarlett color and sweetness of a roasted garden beet?

Root vegetable such as carrots, radishes and beets are some of the easiest and most popular vegetables to grow.   Growing these veggies from seed to harvest is a great way to get the kids involved in growing some of their own food!screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-1-37-04-pm

Seeds for these 3 root veggies can be directly sowed right in your garden.
However, because they grow out of sight, you may not know there is a problem until you harvest them. Following these 3  tips will help you get an amazing harvest of tasty root vegetables the whole family will enjoy!

Tip#1:  Cool Weather Lovers

Carrots, radishes and beets love temperatures between 40-75 degrees F.  Plant them during the fall and spring months, or in mild winter regions, grow them in the winter.  They will even survive a frost. In fact, cold weather makes them sweeter – leave fall root veggies in the ground as long as possible.

Tip #2: Loose Soil

Root vegetables do most of their growing underground – nice, loose soil will help them grow to their full potential.  Compacted clay soil or rocks will
img_1781result in misshapen or small roots.  I like to grow my carrots, radishes and beets in a loose potting soil in a container – my favorite is the1 5 gallon Smart Pot container with handles.  Made of aerated, durable fabric, it’s plenty deep enough to plant carrots, radishes and beets, and easy to move into the shade if it gets too hot.

Tip #3:  Regular Watering

Consistent watering is the key to good production of your root veggies. Keep them moist, but not waterlogged until they germinate.  As they get established in your garden, water deeply to encourage root development.  If you are not sure when to water, use a moisture meter, or do it the old fashioned way – just stick your finger into the soil as far as you can.  If it is dry, water.

Watch “Growing Root Vegetables – Carrots, Radishes and Beets” from the “Growing Your Fall Garden” series on my YouTube channel for detailed growing and planting instructions:

Comment below- let me know what root veggies you are growing in your garden and how you like to eat them!

See you in the garden,


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