Hi, I’m CaliKim

A backyard organic gardener dedicated to helping you grow your own healthy, delicious vegetables – in a quick, simple and inexpensive way that fits into your hectic lifestyle.

I live in Southern California with my husband, Jerry; our two children, Julianne and Drew; and our border collie, Mac. Jerry (aka “CameraGuy”) and I work as a team to produce garden content that helps people all over the world grow organic vegetables..

Our YouTube channel, CaliKim Garden & Home has an extensive library of 800+ garden tutorials (adding more every week), over 500,000 subscribers and more than 37 million views from gardeners worldwide. Our garden tutorials will not only inspire and motivate you, but show you WHAT to do and HOW to do it!

I provide garden support, share garden how-to’s, tips, and healthy garden-to-table recipes through our YouTube channel, my book – Organic Gardening for Everyone: Home Grown Veggies Made Easy, Seed Collections, and social media communities.

I love to try new things in the garden, so there are always surprises along the way. Follow along, grow your garden with me and have FUN doing it!



“I have a chronic neurological condition with debilitating pain. The pain gave me few options other than to lie in bed. I had to give up my job as a nurse. I was depressed and my nutrition was poor.

I would stare out the window and think “someday I’ll grow my own veggies and get healthy again.”

One day, I searched “gardening” on YouTube and found CaliKim’s channel. I watched a few videos and realized that growing veggies wasn’t as difficult as I thought. I quickly fell in love with gardening and it became my therapy.

Growing my own organic vegetables helped me realize I am able to use food as medicine to nourish my body and help restore a new passion for life. My outlook completely turned around, as did my nutrition and health.

I’ve since become certified as a Master Gardener and I now share my love of growing organic vegetables with others.”


“My doctor told me I was slipping out of remission for rheumatoid arthritis. He gave me 6 months to get it under control or we would have to start drug trials. I was facing joint pain and deformity – I really felt like life as I knew it was over.

I needed to go on an anti-inflammatory diet – lots of organic veggies and fruits. In my small town, organic produce at the grocery store is not available and I starting researching how to grow my own.

I found CaliKim’s YouTube channel and learned how to grow and harvest my own delicious, organic vegetables. I need it now more than ever so I don’t have to rely on medication.

Now, my arthritis is in remission, my labs are normal, the inflammation is under control! The doctor is very pleased with my state of health. I feel amazing and am over the moon happy with the progress!

I am now starting a Community Garden at the clinic where I am a nurse. Thank you CaliKim and CameraGuy, I couldn’t have done it without you!”


“CaliKim, you were so supportive, kind and encouraging while I was having chemo and radiation last year. You helped the time pass – I’ve learned so much from you!

You helped me with my favorite past-time – gardening. Being outside in the garden helped me with the feelings of sadness, (sometimes despair), and finally joy and relaxation while doing what I could in the garden while going through my treatments.

Nurturing living things helped me cope and improved my outlook. It gave me healthy, organic produce to eat to help me combat the side effects and improve my health.

I learned about managing pests, diseases and improving my soil for better success. You taught me how to grow lettuce and kale which I used in my healthy antioxidant smoothies when I couldn’t eat anything else. I fed my teenage son and husband healthy veggies and herbs. I felt proud to provide for them even though I was going through an illness.

From my heart, thank you so very much, CaliKim, for your online friendship and for your supportive responses. God bless you!”



Los Angeles