YouTube garden guru CaliKim takes you by the hand and shows you how fun and easy it is to grow your own healthy, delicious veggies with clear, concise step-by-step directions tailored specifically to beginner gardeners. From soil prep to seed starting to harvesting tips and troubleshooting, Organic Gardening for Everyone is the perfect hands-on guide for anyone wanting to bring homegrown food to their kitchen table.

Let CaliKim show you how to:

• Start simple and expand later

• Save money by starting your garden from seed

• Build healthy soil and map out garden beds

• Set up automatic irrigation system to save time and resources

• Plant and tend to dozens of backyard vegetables

• Harvest baskets of homegrown goodness – even in your first growing season!

With the directions and inspiration found here, even gardeners who find themselves short on time and space will be harvesting before they know it – no experience required!

Book release date is December 24th, available now for pre-order!

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