The Total Turn Around

I love watching the progress of my garden – it’s really exciting to see things grow. My husband and I are gardening together. Harvesting what’s growing in the garden and eating it has added to the fun!!

Mary Jo, beginning gardener in the #10 Garden Series” on my YouTube channel

Mary Jo’s excitement is what I want you to feel everyday – the pride and joy of growing fresh, flavorful, healthy, food in your own backyard for you and those you love to enjoy together.  Nothing like it!

For this to happen, you have to take the next step and commit to the action that will make your desire a reality.

Why Don’t You Grow Your Own Food?
Too Much Time, Too Complicated, Too Expensive

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I love to grow my own food and have grown pounds and pounds of fresh produce in my own backyard.  I often ask people why they don’t grow their own food?  I have found that there are a few common reasons.  Many people think it will take too much time – that they will not be able to fit gardening into their busy schedules.  Some think it’s too complicated – they feel overwhelmed at the amount of information out there on how to grow vegetables, or they think growing a garden is too expensive and they can’t fit it into their budget.  Sound familiar?

Wrong Veggies at Wrong Time
Many new gardeners make the mistake of planting the wrong vegetables at the wrong time of year.  As a result, their garden does not produce anything, and they decide not to continue growing their own food.  Have you ever faced this problem?

Mary Jo’s First Garden Attempt – No Grow!
Mary Jo wanted to start a vegetable garden – and had actually done so a few years ago – but unfortunately, her garden got neglected, became overgrown, under watered and died before she was able to harvest anything.

When I asked her why her garden was not successful, she said although she wanted to grow her own food, she felt it took just took too much time to keep up.  She became overwhelmed at how much information was on the internet about complicated gardening methods, she didn’t know what types of veggies to plant in the warm weather vs the cool weather, how to plant, water, or care for them.

She was disappointed that she spent a lot of money purchasing vegetable transplants at the local garden center, planting them in the garden, and didn’t see the payoff when her garden died before she was able to harvest anything.  She just didn’t feel like growing her own food was for her anymore.

Quick, Simple, Inexpensive = Successful, Productive Garden
A few years later, she was ready to try again.  I walked Mary Jo step by step through quick, simple and inexpensive techniques to starting a garden in the $10 Garden  Series on my YouTube channel, CaliKim Garden & Home DIY.  Thousands of other gardeners from all over the world watched and learned as I shared step-by-step instructions on how to grow a productive garden.

She now has a thriving, productive garden and enjoys harvesting fresh vegetables from it daily to feed her family.  She has a feeling of pride when she looks at her garden, knowing that she grew it herself!  She and her family are happier and healthier as a result of the action she took.

In fact, because she took that first action and had success with her garden, she had the confidence to expand the simple garden I helped her with and has started a second, much larger garden in another area of her backyard!  She is enjoying the fruit of her labors and feeding her family, organic, tasty, healthy food!

See how her garden looks and hear more about her garden expansion by watching this video:  $10 Garden Series  #11, Mary Jo’s Garden, You Won’t Believe This!

Do you want to learn how to grow healthy tasty food for your family?  Then it’s time to take action.

I am excited to share with you my 85 page eBook “Growing 5 Warm Weather Vegetables Made Easy, a Quick, Simple & Inexpensive Growing Guide” –  a perfect way for you to get started!  This beautiful, full color ebook includes:
-Detailed instructions (more in-depth than I can go on my YouTube videos) on how to grow 5 warm weather vegetables – tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squash and eggplant – from seed to harvest.

-Lots of quick, simple, and inexpensive tips to help you get started growing your own food today!

-Many beautiful, full color photos of my garden.

-2 free bonuses:  CaliKim’s Quick Look –  full color quick reference guides to each of the 5 veggies, and CaliKim’s Gardening Terms – basic gardening terms explained and made simple!

No more hunting all over the internet to piecemeal together complicated gardening instructions -it’s all here in one place!  It’s easy for you to grow your own food with the simple step by step instructions.  You’ll know exactly what veggies to grow during the warm weather months! So regardless if you live in an area that is warm right now, or where it is cooler and will be warm soon – my ebook will help you take the action to make a change!

Click here for details on “Growing 5 Warm Weather Vegetables Made Easy, a Quick, Simple & Inexpensive Growing Guide” and get started growing (and eating) your own healthy, tasty, chemical free food!


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