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Container Garden Kit- Ultimate *NEW VARIETIES JUST ADDED!

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Save $11 when you purchase the Ultimate Container Garden Kit! (savings reflected in the listed price).

Grow your own fresh, tasty veggies no matter how little space you have with the Ultimate Container Garden Kit! Includes 10 CaliKim Smart Pots (see below for details), the Container Garden Seed Collection (my personal selection of 14 container friendly easy-to-grow heirloom varieties), and a signed copy of my book - giving you all the step-by-step instructions you need to grow tons of veggies in your Smart Pots containers!

Smart Pots are made from durable (lasts for years), aerated fabric (great drainage) fabric that allows plants to grow faster and produce healthy roots by air pruning. Plants won’t get root bound like they do in plastic containers, aerated fabric allows for formation of a fibrous root mass that can take up nutrients and water and grow a healthier and more productive plant.  More roots = more fruit (or veggies!)

Ultimate Container Garden Kit includes:

  • CaliKim Smart Pots Vivid Color 5 gallon fabric containers with handles (3 pack, 1 of each color - mandarin orange, berry blue, violet - 9" deep x 12" diameter) 
  • CaliKim Smart Pots Vivid Color 1 gallon fabric containers (3 pack, 1 of each color - mandarin orange, berry blue, violet - 6" deep x 6" diameter).
  • CaliKim Smart Pots Black 5 gallon fabric containers (3 pack -  9 " deep x 12" diameter).
  • CaliKim Smart Pots 10 gallon container  (1 pack -   11.5″ deep x 16″ diameter).
  • CaliKim’s Book "Organic Gardening for Everyone: Homegrown Vegetables Made Easy”, signed and personalized (Please email what name you'd like for personalization, if different than "ship to" name. Include order # with your email.)

Container Garden Seed Collection with 14 seed packets of container-friendly,  heirloom varieties:


  • Arugula Roquette - NEW peppery, nutty flavor, fast-growing, adds a delicious kick to any dish. Perfect for cooler weather.
  • Italian Large Leaf Basil - Luscious, aromatic, prolific and bushy with sweet, large leaves that enhance any dish.
  • Royal Burgundy Bush Beans - NEW compact, fast-growing variety boasts a beautiful purple color and a mild, nutty flavor. Container-friendly and disease-resistant for hassle-free gardening
  • Spacemaster Cucumber - versatile and flavorful - great for containers and small spaces! Can be pickled at a young stage or enjoyed when fully mature at 6-7"."
  • KX Kale - NEW    Vibrantly-colored, curly leaves that turn deep purple-red as they mature. This impressive kale is also rich in iron, making it a healthy choice for any meal.
  • Tom Thumb Lettuce - NEW Experience the delicious, compact, and sweet taste of Bibb type lettuce, perfect for container gardening and small gardens!
  • Royal Snow Pea - NEW  vibrant, purple, edible snow peas - perfect for snacking and salads! Compact pink-flowered vines reach up to 3 feet, ideal for container gardening.
  • Purple Beauty (sweet): NEW  Sweet 3" deep purple bell peppers. Perfect for container gardening, adds delicious flavor to salads and meals, an absolute show stopper.
  • Jalapeno (hot):  3" hot peppers that can be harvested in green or red. Great for salsas, pizza, pickling, or nachos!
  • White Scalloped Summer Squash
  • Tiny Tim Tomato (determinate, dwarf) -  happiest in containers, 1 - 2 foot compact plants yield delicious, bite-sized red tomatoes in just 60-70 days. Perfect for decks, windowsills, or tables.
  • Golden Nugget Tomato  (determinate, dwarf) - NEW irresistibly sweet, bite-sized golden tomatoes are perfect for small spaces, growing on 2-3 feet dwarf plants. Enjoy a bountiful harvest in just 60-70 days.
  • Sugar Baby Watermelon - space-saving vines only grow 3-1/2 feet long, making it ideal for containers. Enjoy the rich, juicy, and incredibly sweet flavor of this little round watermelon!
  • Teddy Bear Sunflower NEW: Compact, vibrant, 2 ½–3 foot tall plants adorned with darling, 4–5", fully-double yellow blooms that are sure to catch your eye!
  • garden.

*Some seeds may be replaced with similar varieties depending availability.

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Container Garden Kit- Ultimate *NEW VARIETIES JUST ADDED!