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Grow Your Groceries Warm Weather Seed Collection

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Take your garden to the next level with the Grow Your Groceries Warm Weather Seed Collection, featuring premium seeds in the inaugural year of the GYG Subscription Box in custom-designed, resealing envelopes. This collection features premium seeds, personally curated by CaliKim, not in any other CaliKim Seed Collections.

This collection includes 13 easy-to-grow warm-weather varieties, personally selected by CaliKim, not in any other of her Seed Collections.  These varieties thrive in temperatures from 60 to 90+ degrees and will make your spring/summer garden pop with color and flavor.  It's a unique gift for garden lovers and CaliKim fans alike. Indulge your passion for growing your own food with these exceptional seeds.

This collection includes:
- Prospera Compact Basil
- Spicy Bush Basil
- Trilogy Bean Mix
- Midori Giant Edamame Bean
- Diva Cucumber
- Dark Armenian Cucumber
- Purple Beauty Pepper
- Scalloped Blend Squash
- Round Zucchini Squash
- Green Zebra Tomato
- Micro Tom Tomato
- Golden Nugget Tomato
- Cactus Zinnia Mix

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    Grow Your Groceries Warm Weather Seed Collection