Have you had your salad today?

I am a huge fan of salads – especially when made with greens grown in my own backyard! I LOVE the flavors, textures and especially the bright bold colors of a garden fresh salad.

Think a salad is boring? Not so! There are a million different ways to make a salad interesting. Some of my favorite salad combos are kale, apple, cranberry; mixed greens, BBQ chicken, garden fresh tomatoes, black bean, corn & avacado; or microgreens, nasturtium leaves, flowers, raisins and feta cheese. The possibilities are literally endless!

One of my 2017 goals is to eat a salad-a-day, and I’d like to challenge you to join me in adopting this tasty nutritious habit!

Eating a large amount of fresh, raw vegetables every day has a myriad of health benefits. A salad-a-day habit can is a natural source of fiber, helps with weight control, has a positive effect on blood sugar, and increases the powerful antioxidants in your body, just to name a few.

Not only is eating a salad-a-day one of the healthiest habits you can adopt,  it is also one of the simplest, especially when you grow your own salad greens.

Many of you have started growing your indoor garden along with me on the “Growing Your Indoor Garden” series. You are having fun growing microgreens and sprouts indoors during the cold weather months.

Another super easy crop to grow indoors is salad greens! With some seeds – I love MIgardener’s 99 cent seed packs – (get 10% off at migardener.com/calikim29) – soil and a simple grow light set up, (don’t panic, I’ll show you exactly how to do this in my video below) you can easily grow your own crop on indoor salad greens in 4-6 weeks to feed your salad-a-day habit!  AND if you haven’t yet, sign up at the top of this blog post to get a free growing guide that I’ve prepared just for you, “Grow 3 Veggies in 6 Weeks“.   Everything you need to know to grow lettuce is included in this freebie to make it easier for you to make a salad-a-day your own healthy habit!

Although I love all leafy greens, some of my favorite varieties are Red Russian Kale, Ruby Red Leaf, Black Seeded Simpson (heat tolerant) and Mizuna Mustard Greens. Watch the video from my YouTube channel below “How to Grow Salad Greens Indoors” to see exactly how to do it.


Join me in growing your greens, indoors and out and eating a salad-a-day in 2017.   We’ll share recipes, tips, and easy prep ideas here on my blog, my YouTube channel, Instagram and on my Facebook page, so make sure to follow me everywhere so you don’t miss anything!  Oh, and don’t forget your freebie at the top of this blog post!

Comment below and let me know if you are you in – can’t wait to eat a salad-a-day with you!

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