Fall is upon us; time for sweaters, scarfs and jackets.  I, personally, like the opportunity fall gives to start growing cool weather veggies in the garden – one of the advantages to Southern California  living is being able to grow something 365 days a year.  But let’s be honest, summer gardening gets intense – there’s a lot to plant, grow and harvest.   I love to harvest loads of summer veggies to put up for the cooler months.  But that’s not Fall’s personality.  Time changes, less sun time, the gardener has no choice but to slow down and adapt.  And that’s where the fun starts for me.

This Fall I am excited about growing root veggies, leafy greens and heading vegetables such as brussel sprouts,   because these are challenging for me to grow in the heat of  Summer.  Growing in Fall slows down gardening and gives me a bit of a break from the intense summer season.   Planting and nurturing the cool weather crops to harvest becomes fun with the winter rains, and leaves time for other garden projects and experiments.

For the first time or experienced Fall gardener, here is episode 1 of “Growing Your Fall Garden” Series.  After watching the video, comment on this blog post, what does Fall gardening mean for you?  Are you a first time Fall Gardener?  If so, welcome!  We are all here to help out and would love it if you left a comment introducing yourself and what you are planning to grow.  See you in the garden!


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