Grow Lettuce in Summer??  Yes, you can!

Imagine stepping outside to your backyard or patio and picking tasty, fresh, sweet, crisp, lettuce that you grew yourself! Plant a crop of lettuce leafy greens today, and you’ll be eating your own homegrown, healthy salad in about 4-6 weeks!

Kids love planting lettuce, because they will see the seeds break through the soil in just a few days! It costs pennies to grow, and you can plant enough for a family of 4 in just one square foot or a in few containers.

Having your own fresh supply of leafy greens means you’ll save money at the grocery store, and will have the amazing feeling of stepping into your backyard to pick your own tasty, nutritious salad!

Lettuce likes the cooler weather best. However, with a little planning, you can grow varieties that are best suited for your weather conditions so you will have fresh, colorful leafy greens even in the hot summer months.

It’s important to plant heat tolerant varieties if you wish to grow lettuce in the hot weather. Two of my favorite are Slow Bolt Lettuce and Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce.

Three tips will help you grow lettuce in the heat
1.  Shade your lettuce
2. Plant it in a container
3. Plant it in the shade of taller garden veggies

Watch the video and follow these tips so you can beat the heat and enjoy your own fresh salads any time of the year!

Leave a comment – tell me what you love about growing your own tasty greens!   Afterwards, share this blog post with someone that you think would like to grow lettuce in the hot weather too!


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