Growing a Fall Garden – What, Why & How

Leafy greens and root vegetables & nasturtiums love the cooler fall weather

It’shard to believe that summer is almost over. The summer veggies are winding down, the chill of fall will soon be in the air – BUT that doesn’t mean gardening season is over!   Now is the time to plant your fall garden so you can keep the harvest coming during the fall and into the winter months.  

In this blog post, I am going to cover the basics of fall gardening, what it is, why you should grow one and how to get yours started as quickly and inexpensively as possible.

What is a fall garden?

Cabbage will grow beautifully in your cool weather fall garden

A fall garden is simply a garden of cool weather loving vegetables.  There are two types of vegetables:  warm weather veggies that grow well in the warm summer days and nights, and cool weather vegetables that grow best in the cooler weather of spring and fall.  The cool weather veggies like temperatures of 75 degree F or colder.  Lettuce, greens, broccoli, peas, cabbage, radishes, carrots, and brussel sprouts love the cool weather and are ideal for a fall garden.  

If you’re concerned about your veggies getting frozen in the winter, there are many cool weather vegetables will survive and even thrive in frost conditions, such as root vegetables, lettuce, kale and other types of greens.  

You’ll love fall gardening, the weather is cooler, it’s more comfortable to work in the garden, and it’s wonderful to have the variety of cool weather vegetables in the kitchen!

Why grow a fall garden?

A simple plastic winter cover over your garden beds can help you extend your growing season for cool weather, frost tolerant veggies.

Our goal as gardeners is to always have something to harvest, even through the cold winter months. By starting seeds for your fall garden now, getting the veggies established before the cold weather hits, you will be harvesting well into the fall, and even into the winter months.  Simple row covers can help you extend your growing season.  Watch my video “Easy Winter Cover to Extend Growing Season” to see exactly how to make one for your garden bed. If you live in a southern climate, winter is an ideal time to grow your fall garden, and you likely won’t even need a winter cover on your garden beds.  

Make room for your fall garden by popping up a Smart Pots fabric long raised bed or container.

Where to plant a fall garden?

My garden is still full of summer vegetables. – the big problem is: where to plant?  This problem is quickly solved – in a container!  I am growing some of my fall veggies in a Smart Pots 8 foot long raised bed (  an extra 11 feet of growing space!) as well as in a regular raised bed, once my summer veggies are done.  Smart Pots containers come in many different colors, shapes and sizes and are easy is easy to pop up, fill with soil, and put your plants in!

Smart Pots now offer my followers  – a 10% discount at with the code “calikim”, making growing your fall garden even more affordable.  5 gallon “CaliKim” Smart Pots are available at

I’ll also be covering my fall veggies with shade cloth to protect the them until the weather cools off here Southern California.  

Starting from seed – inexpensive and quick

Starting and growing a fall garden is easy and can be done very inexpensively.  I love to start my fall garden from seed as opposed to purchasing transplants from the garden center. Starting from seed super inexpensive as compared to purchasing transplants.  In additon, you get so many fun varieties that you’ll never find at your local garden center.  

Fall seedlings off to a quick start indoors under grow lights.

Get off to a quick start

I get off to a quick start with my fall garden by starting seeds in indoors in peat pellets on a heat mat using indoor grow lights.
  This provides a more controlled environment so that the seedlings grow stronger faster and I can get them outside in my garden as soon as possible.  This also allows me to start cool weather veggies indoors when it is still too hot to grow them outside, saving me time.  This way when it does cool down, I’l have transplants to put into the garden, which gets me harvesting those delicious fall vegetables quicker.

My Fall Garden Seed Collection makes it easy for you to get your cool weather garden started.

 Fall Garden Seeds

To take the guesswork out of it for you, I put together the Fall Garden Garden Seed Collection, my personal selection of 15 cool weather, easy-to-grow varieties.  It includes veggies such as Red Express Cabbage, Purple Kohlrabi, French Breakfast Radish, Waltham Broccoli, Snowball Cauliflower, Little Marvel Peas, Early Wonder Beets, Red Core Chantenay Carrots, Mammoth Dill, and several varieties of lettuces and greens and the lovely Nasturtiums, an edible cool weather flower

 All varieties can be direct seeded in your garden, many can be started from seed indoors.  Pick one up at and grow the same veggies I am – it will be so fun to compare notes as our veggies grow and harvest together!

Watch the first video video from the Fall Garden Series on my YouTube channel, “Fall Garden – Starting Seeds with CaliKim and CameraGuy” for some garden fun and to see to get your seeds started!



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Comment below, let me know if you’re growing a FALL garden and what you are growing – I’d love to hear all about it – see you in the garden!

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