How To Grow Beans

    Plant Your Beans Now – From Seed to Plate in 6 Weeks!  

We gardeners live for the summer harvests of the classic warm weather veggies, tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers, eggplant, corn, and beans.  If you are gardening in the Southern Hemisphere – you are enjoying your cool weather veggies, radishes, beets, peas, all kinds of greens and cool weather herbs.  Growing your own food is so much fun!


Northern Hemisphere Gardeners – Quick Crop Before Frost

For us Northern Hemisphere gardeners, these August dog days of summer also bring a twinge of sadness, knowing that the end of the summer also signals the beginning of the end of the growing season.  But it doesn’t have to…keep on growing – plant some beans!


Southern Hemisphere Gardener – Early Spring Crop

If you are a Southern Hemisphere gardener,  you can almost feel the warm sun on your back as spring is almost here!  You are starting your warm weather seeds and soon it will be warm enough to plant them in the ground. You can’t wait to get your hands in the soil and get to growing.  Get started sooner than you think… plant some beans!


August – A Perfect Time to Plant Beans

No matter where you live in the world,  bush beans are a great veggie to plant in August.  They are a sure-bet, easy-to-grow vegetable, require little care, and go from seed to table in about 6 weeks.

Northern Hemisphere gardeners have plenty of time to get a harvest before frost hits, and Southern Hemisphere gardeners can get beans planted as soon as soil warms in the spring, and have a quick crop of garden fresh veggies to eat.

Garden fresh beans are full of flavor, tender and sweet on your dinner plate (nothing like the mushy store bought canned beans) and are delicious steamed, grilled, or, my favorite, seasoned lightly and oven roasted.

Beans fit into almost any garden space, and grow well in containers too!  I like to plant them every 2-3 weeks during the warm weather so I aways have some tasty beans to harvest and have plenty for my freezer.  They are easy to freeze – just wash, let them dry, trim off the ends, and throw in to a freezer bag.  Couldn’t be easier!   It’s always fun in the winter, to pull out tasty, garden vegetables that your grew yourself when it is too cold to grow it outside.

Don’t delay, get some bean seeds planted today – in about 6 weeks you’ll be so glad you did. Here’s a video that shows you stop by step how easy it is to grow beans so you can have your own tasty beans to eat and share with those you love the most:


Want more tips on growing beans?  Make sure to download (above) my full color, free growing guide, “Grow 3 Vegetables in 6 Weeks”, and learn how to grow  beans in your garden ( lots of photos of my garden in the growing guide, too).

Are you planting beans today?  Comment below and let me know what variety you’re planting.

See you in the garden!


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