Winter weather getting you down? Got that gardening itch that needs to be scratched but it’s just too cold to grow outside? Growing wheatgrass is one of the easiest crops to grow indoors and can give you a quick garden fix until the ground warms up and you can get your hands in the soil.
Wheatgrass is super nutrient dense, a great antioxidant, good for your digestive system, and very high in protein. You don’t even need fancy grow lights, or a lot of indoor growing space. I love to grow it right on my windowsill – it grows in well without a lot of direct sunlight. Every time I grow a new crop of wheatgrass, I am amazed at how quickly it grows – from seed to harvest in just a few weeks time. Kids love seeing it grow, and pets love eating it too!

As if this wasn’t enough, wheatgrass is a cut and come again crop. This means that you can plant it once and it will grow back for you to harvest again. And again.

How could it be easier to eat? Some people like to juice it for wheatgrass shots.
I love to keep it simple and just throw a handful in my smoothies for a quick nutrient, energy boost.

Watch the video from my YouTube channel below “How to Grow Wheatgrass Indoors” to see exactly how to grow it.   I use seeds from MIgardener’s Micogreens and Sprouting Seed kit to grow my wheatgrass, or purchase the seeds separately (called “Triticale” seeds on his website, a type of wheatgrass).  Use this link, for a 10% discount.

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