DIY Tomato Cages – Sturdy, Easy & CHEAP!

This Beefsteak tomato will get heavy with tomatoes and needs sturdy support.

If you’ve been following along in the $10 Garden Series on my YouTube channel, you probably have your tomato seedlings going strong and are well on your way to tasty, homegrown tomatoes.  If you haven’t started yet, jump right in by watching the first video in the series, “How to Start Seeds for Your Spring Garden.”


Tomatoes are vining plants, proper support keeps the air flow going and the pest away so they stay healthy and productive.

Tomatoes are vining plants and need support so they don’t sprawl all over your garden.  Strong support not only will keep them off the ground, but will give them lots of air flow, keeping them healthier so diseases and pests stay away.  You can support a tomato many ways, but my favorite way is with a tomato cage.  I like to make my own!


Why make your own instead of just using the tomato cages you purchase at the garden center?  The garden center cages just are not tall enough and sturdy enough to support all those garden fresh tomatoes you are growing!


DIY cages are much sturdier than their counterparts at the garden center, are quick and easy to make, and can save you a lot of money too.  I’ve used the same DIY cages in for almost 5 years now, and they are holding up beautifully.


DIY Tomato Cages

DIY cage – about 5 feet tall and 18 inches in diameter – super sturdy to support a full grown tomato.

This DIY cage is about 5 feet tall, and 18 inches in diameter, and provides sturdy support for a tomato plant.  The advantages of my DIY cage is that it can be customized to fit your garden space, or made smaller to support other vining plants such as squash, or cucumbers.




Here’s what you need:

Just 4 supplies are needed to make a DIY tomato cage.

Only 4 supplies are needed and  can be purchased at most garden centers or through the links below:

A roll of 60 x 50 galvanized wire mesh fencing

Zip ties

Tin snips or wire cutters

Measuring tape


10-12 tomato cages can be made from a roll of wire depending on the size you make them. If you don’t need this many cages, split a roll with a friend or neighbor, and you’ll save even more money!

The tomato cage is placed over the tomato after you plant it.  The tomato grows right inside the cage and you save yourself the hassle of tying your tomato up to a stake or other type of trellis.

Watch this video from the $10 Garden Series on my YouTube Channel, How to Make a DIY Tomato Cage, to see exactly how to make yours!



Quick, Simple and Inexpensive Tomato Cage Tip: 


A sturdy stake gives your DIY cage extra support.

Weave a piece of rebar or large sturdy pole through your cage and into the ground for extra support when your tomato cages are laden with tomatoes or so your cages don’t blow over in the wind.


Keep garden stretchy tape handy to tie up wayward branches.

If I do need to tie up some of the wayward tomato branches as they grow, I use 1/2 inch plastic garden tape.  It stretches as the plant grows.  I keep a roll in my pocket as I am in the garden for tying up tomatoes and other vining plants

 Comment below if you like to make your own tomato cages and how you like to make them!  I’d also love to hear what varieties of tomatoes you are growing this year in your garden.  Happy Gardening!

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