Feeding my garden powerful, organic nutrients helps me grow lots of veggies

I know many of you are excited about getting your spring garden planted – I am too!   I’ve already kicked off the $10 Garden Spring Garden Series (season 2) on YouTube channel with the first video “Starting Seeds Indoors – 2 Easy Ways” – it will be coming to the blog soon!

I wanted to do the “Feeding Your Garden” series first here on the blog and also on my YouTube channel, so we know how important it is to feed our plants and soil powerful, organic nutrients.  Feeding our gardens regularly is  critical to growing lots of veggies.

Do you even get to the gardening center to pick up some fertilizer for your garden and are overwhelmed with all the choices before you?  You don’t want to waste your money and are not sure which products to purchase that will REALLY work.

I feel your pain!  Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of money on organic fertilizers, some have worked, some have not.  My favorite by far is Trifecta+, made by MIgardener.  Many of you watch his YouTube Channel and grow his seeds.  I have used Trifecta+ in my garden for several years, and find that it really supercharges my plants and soil.   I want to share it with you so you can have a a powerful fertilizer on your garden shelf that really works and will help you grow lots of fruits and veggies!


Trifecta+ – Supercharges My Soil

Many gardeners fear that using fertilizers will provide plants too much nitrogen, (too much green growth and not enough fruit),

Trifecta+ supercharges my garden and produces lots of veggies!

or too much phosphorus (too many blossoms).  Have you ever felt this way?

Not to worry, Trifecta+ is specially formulated so that the plant uptakes exactly what it needs in it’s life cycle.  It promotes root development, growth, flowering and fruiting without compromising anything.  I don’t have to add different types of fertilizer at different points in life cycle, because Trifecta+ has what my plant needs all season long.  This keeps my job simple and takes the guess work out of it, which is always a good thing!


A tomato plant, for example, will take up the fast acting nitrogen in Trifecta+ for a boost of leafy growth as soon as you apply.  As the plant becomes established, the slow release nitrogen will keep the plant green and healthy, while the high levels of phosphorus help the plant to have a strong root base and flowers.


Fast Acting and Slow Release Nutrients

The quick and slow release components of Trifecta+ feed my tomato plant all season long.

The fast acting nutrients in Trifecta+ feed my plants what they need immediately and gets them off to a great start.  The slow release nutrients will feed my plants the food they need over the growing season.

If you live in climate where you have just one growing season, this makes your job easy.    Apply Trifecta+ once at the beginning of the season and you are done!  The organic nutrients will do their job, feeding your garden and helping it be productive over the growing season.

Here in Southern California, I grow  year round.  I apply Trifecta+ a few times a year, at the beginning of each planting season.  This saves me time and money, because I don’t have to add as much fertilizer, and I can add it less often.


Rich in Beneficial Bacteria and Microbes

We learned in the last two blog posts on worm castings and worm tea how important beneficial bacteria and microbes are to the health of your plants.  Trifecta + is rich in these too.  The beneficial bacteria and microbes cling to the roots of your plants, helping them take up more water and  nutrients.  They also help the slow release nutrients in the fertilizer break down and feed your plant.

Contains the NPK and Trace Minerals your Garden Needs

All the nutrients plus trace minerals my plant needs to be healthy and tasty too!

Not only does Trifecta+ contain all the Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (p) Potassium (K) that my plant needs to feed it right away and throughout the growing season, it also has over 50 trace minerals.  These trace minerals are super important to the health and productivity of my garden, but also to the taste of my veggies!


Builds Soil Structure 

Good soil structure is important because it allows air and water into your soil – critical components so that your plants are able to take up the nutrients they need to grow and be productive.

Three key components of Trifecta+ help build the soil structure: gypsum, humic acid and dried molasses.  Here’s the nitty gritty:

Gypsum – a mineral which helps loosens soil and provides air pockets for microbes and fungi to thrive.

Humic acid –  a naturally occurring organic acid that helps break down plant and animal materials and also helps microbes and beneficial bacteria to grow.

Dried molasses – a sugar source that helps the microbes and beneficial bacteria grow and multiply so they can attach to the roots.


How to use Trifecta+ in your Garden

Mac loves to hang out in the garden with me.

I’ve found Trifecta+ to be a powerful organic fertilizer, especially when used alongside Vermisterra worm castings, worm tea, and  compost.  These are the “magic 4” that provide a powerhouse of organic nutrients for my soil and help my plants be healthy and productive.

Starting Seeds/Transplanting

Using Trifecta+ in your seed starting mix or when transplanting your seedlings helps them get off to a fast start, so they are healthy right from the get go.

How-to: Add a few cups of Trifecta+, as well as a cup or so of worm castings to a bag of your favorite potting soil and start your seeds or transplant your seedlings as you normally would.


Container Plants

Mix Trifecta+ into your containers before you plant.

Typically, container plants need consistent moisture and nutrients to thrive.  Trifecta+ is especially effective for containers plants because the quick release nutrients will feed your plants right away, and the slow release nutrients will continue to feed your plants throughout the growing season, and you won’t have to fertilize as often.

I do still like to give my container plants a dose of worm tea once a week or so for an extra boost!

How-to: Add Trifecta+ and worm castings to your container soil at the time of planting, or scratch into the surface of already existing container plants.  Water in with worm tea.  Use application rates on the package.


Garden Beds

 Using Trifecta+ in your garden beds will increase the survival rate of your transplants and helps them grow strong and healthy.  Healthy plants = productive plants.

apply Trifecta+ around your plant’s roots will get it off to a great start.

How-to: You can amend your entire garden bed with Trifecta+ (see package application rates), or sprinkle a few tablespoons-1/4 cup in to the planting hole, right at the roots of your transplants.  Scratch a few tablespoons around the base of existing plants.  Water with worm tea.

Watch the video from my YouTube channel below “My Favorite Organic Fertilizer”,  for a demonstration on how to use it.




Feed your garden organic nutrients that get the results that every gardener wants: a garden that is simple to maintain and that produces lots of fruit and veggies to feed your family and share with those you love.

To learn more about Trifecta+ and to purchase products for 10% off, go to migardener.com/calikim29.

Have you ever used Trifecta+ in your garden?  Comment below and let me know your results!

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