img_2807Low Sugar Pepper Jelly

If you grow an abundance of peppers in your garden, then you have got to make pepper jelly.  “What?”, you might say, “peppers and jelly don’t go together”.

I’m here to tell you that absolutely, yes, they do!  A jar of pepper jelly makes the perfect garden fresh gift- my friends give it rave reviews – and it’s a super quick appetizer for a party.

I’ve made pepper jelly from my garden fresh peppers for several years now, and the combination of the sweet and spicy garden fresh peppers made in to a colorful, tasty jelly can’t be beat!

Every jar of pepper jelly can taste and look different – so much fun!  You can customize it depending on the kind of peppers you use.  Make it red, yellow, purple, green, sweet, hot, or somewhere in between!

Not only does this recipe come together super quick with only 4 ingredients, but it is a low sugar recipe, with 1/2 the amount of sugar that most jelly recipes use.  In fact, you can make it with any kind of sweetener – I like it with pure cane sugar, but you can use honey, agave, stevia, or even artificial sweeteners, if you like.

This recipe uses Pomona’s Universal Pectin that uses the gelling power of a calcium powder along with citrus pectin – rather than sugar – to make the jelly gel.  It is all natural, with no preservatives and I’ve been very happy with it’s performance the past few years that I’ve used it.

If you are not a canner, don’t let this scare you – I’m not either.  Typically I prefer to keep it simple and freeze my extrapepper-jelly-appitizer-with-hand garden produce.  However, my friends love it when I give them a jar of my pepper jelly for a gift, or bring it poured over a block of cream cheese with crackers to a party.  It never  disappoints!  This keeps me canning my pepper jelly in beautiful little jelly jars year after year.

I like to make quick work of the canning process.  With a simple modification, my large stock pot doubles as a hot water bath canner, so I don’t have to drag my canning equipment out of the box I have it stored away in.

Click below for a video from my YouTube channel on “How to Make Low Sugar Pepper Jelly” without any special equipment.

And, by the way, if you want to know a super quick way to freeze peppers, click here for a how-to video.

If you don’t have extra peppers from your garden, just use peppers purchased the farmer’s market or grocery store. However, you’ll want to plant plenty of peppers in your garden next growing season, so you have that unmistakable taste of garden fresh in your pepper jelly!

Give pepper jelly a try and comment below below to let me know how it turns out and post a picture on my Facebook page or tag me in your Instagram photo, I’d love to see it!

See you in the garden,



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