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CaliKim Smart Pots 5 Gallon Container, Black (3 pack) & Seed Collection

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Grow veggies in an exclusive, black 5 gallon Smart Pots fabric container that has both CaliKim's and Smart Pots logos.  Smart Pots are made from durable (lasts for years), aerated (great drainage) fabric that allows plants to grow faster and produce healthy roots by air pruning!  

Plants won’t get root bound like they do in plastic containers, aerated fabric allows for formation of a fibrous root mass that can take up nutrients and water and grow a healthier and more productive plant.  More roots = more fruit (or veggies!)

Included in the 3 pack container collection are also 3 packets of container friendly seeds personally selected by CaliKim so you can grow veggies and flowers in your container in the spring, summer and fall!  Save money by purchasing a three pack - one container to grow each variety of seeds!

Here's what you get:

Three 5 gallon Smart Pots with CaliKim-Smart Pots logo (12" in diameter x 9 " deep)

Paris Cos Romaine Lettuce seeds (heat tolerant lettuce) 

Tiny Tim Tomato seeds (warm weather veggie, compact early producing tomato)

Italian Large Leaf Basil

*Seed varieties may vary based on availability.

*We ship to USA, Canada, Mexico, UK and Australia. International shipping rates apply, not responsible for lost or returned international orders, please choose tracking at checkout.


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CaliKim Smart Pots 5 Gallon Container, Black (3 pack) & Seed Collection