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Kid's Garden Kit - Mini

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Kids love growing veggies in this exclusive, Smart Pots purple round mini raised bed fabric container that has both CaliKim's and Smart Pots logo. Gives the garden a pop of color -  and kids will eat more veggies when they grow their own! 

Smart Pots are made from durable (lasts for years), aerated (great drainage) fabric that allows plants to grow faster and produce healthy roots by air pruning. Plants won’t get root bound like they do in plastic containers, aerated fabric allows for formation of a fibrous root mass that can take up nutrients and water and grow a healthier and more productive plant.  More roots = more fruit (or veggies!)

Container is 15 gallons (24”diameter x 8 inches deep), 2.1 cubic feet of soil, 3.1  square feet of growing space. 

Your purple mini raised bed comes with the Kid’s Seed Collection, 6 varieties of easy-to-grow veggies that your kids will love planting in their own special container!  Fast-growing, colorful, kid friendly seed varieties are personally selected by CaliKim to encourage your kids to love growing and eating their own veggies!

Here’s what you get:

One purple Smart Pots Mini Raised Bed with CaliKim/Smart Pots logo

Kid’s Seed Collection:

  • Royal Burgundy Bush Beans (Heirloom)
  • Little Finger Carrots (Heirloom)
  • Little Marvel Peas (Heirloom)
  • Easter Egg Mix Radishes
  • Bronze Mignonette Lettuce

  • Black Oil Sunflowers 

*Some seeds may be replaced with similar varieties based on availability.

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