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Grow Your Groceries Cool Weather Seed Collection

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Take your garden to the next level with the Grow Your Groceries Cool Weather Seed Collection, featuring premium seeds in the inaugural year of the GYG Subscription Box in custom-designed, resealing envelopes. This collection features premium seeds, personally curated by CaliKim, not in any other CaliKim Seed Collections.

This collection included 15 seed packets of CaliKim's favorite cool-weather veggies, and herbs that thrive in temperatures under 80 degrees F. It's a unique gift for garden lovers and CaliKim fans alike. Indulge your passion for growing your own food with these exceptional seeds.

  • Runaway Arugula 
  • Sorrento Broccoli 
  • Minuet Chinese Cabbage
  • Vita Verde Cauliflower 
  • Thalia Dill 
  • All Star Gourmet Lettuce 
  • Italian Misticanza Lettuce
  • Little Gem Lettuce 
  • Prizehead Lettuce
  • Scarlett Frills Mustard Greens 
  • Super Sugar Snap Peas 
  • Deep Purple Bunching Onions
  • Rosie Pac Choi
  • Super Sugar Snap Peas 
  • Tom Thumb Pea 
  • Watermelon Radish

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    Grow Your Groceries Cool Weather Seed Collection