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"Salsa Garden" Grow Your Groceries Gift It! Box

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Gift It! Box

Transform your gardening journey with our special purchase option - the Gift It! Box (box and contents ONLY, does not include access to CaliKim Garden Tribe Connect+ Community and a monthly LIVE garden class).  Share the box with a friend or enjoy it as a single purchase. Indulge in the wonders of gardening without any long-term commitments.

Spice up your meals with home-grown salsa ingredients!


*4 Seed packets:

  • Banana Legs Tomato
  • Cruiser Cilantro
  • Hot & Happy Mix Peppers
  • Toma Verde Tomatillo

*4 Cow Pots - seed starting containers

*Coco Coir pucks (hydrates for seed starting mix, amended with worm castings)

*4 CaliKim plant tags

*4 coordinating  veggie stickers

*2 Sticky traps for fungus gnats

*FREE BONUS: Monterey Lawn & Garen Sluggo Plus ($15 value)

*GARDEN GOODIE: Salsa Bowl and CaliKim Spoon

Ships within 3-5 days of ordering.

*Ships to USA only.

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"Salsa Garden" Grow Your Groceries Gift It! Box