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Salad-in-a-Container Kit: Lettuce

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Everything you need to grow a salad-in-a-container of lettuce: a custom CaliKim black 5 gallon Smart Pot fabric container, (12" in diameter x 9 " deep) and her Lettuce Seed Collection, and your personalized, signed copy of her book, Organic Gardening for Everyone

Many people who want to grow healthy vegetables at home hesitate because it seems too hard and time-consuming. In Organic Gardening for Everyone, CaliKim shows that growing your own healthy, organic vegetables is not difficult, even for today’s time-challenged lifestyles.

In this book, CaliKim takes you by the hand and shows you how fun and easy it is for anyone to grow healthy, delicious vegetables with clear, concise step-by-step directions tailored specifically to beginner gardeners.

From soil prep to seed starting to harvesting tips and troubleshooting, this book is loaded with practical advice and guidance for anyone wanting to bring homegrown food to their kitchen table.

Let CaliKim show you how to:

  • Start simple and expand later
  • Save money by starting your garden from seed
  • Build healthy soil and map out garden beds
  • How to grow vegetables in containers
  • Set up automatic irrigation system to save time and resources
  • Plant and tend to dozens of backyard vegetables
  • Harvest baskets of homegrown goodness - even in your first growing season!

With the directions and inspiration found in her book, even gardeners who find themselves short on time and space will be harvesting before they know it - no experience required!

Lettuce Seed Collection includes a packet of each:

  • Little Gem: looseleaf variety, can be used whole or as a mini green romaine. It has tender green leaves with a blanched thick heart. 4" heads that are best eaten when the plant is 4-6" tall.
  • Paris Island Cos: resistant to tip burn, heat tolerant, slow to bolt upright 10-12" heads, medium green color with a creamy white heart. Perfect for Caesar salads.
  • Prizehead: delicious looseleaf, slow-bolting, heat-tolerant, with curly maroon-tipped leaves. Perfect for salads and sandwiches.
  • Red Romaine: crunchy, reddish-purple romaine with 12" tall foliage, heat tolerant. Perfect for Caesar salads or stunning purple borders in your garden.
  • Red Salad Bowl: this heat-tolerant looseleaf lettuce has a deep red color and a crisp, sweet, and tender taste. Perfect for various dishes and salads.
  • Royal Oakleaf: improved heat-resistant oak leaf lettuce with beautiful, deeply lobed sea green rosettes. Enhanced flavor, crispness, and tenderness. A must-try variety!

*Some seeds may be replaced with similar varieties based on availability

*Please email your order # and what name you'd like for personalization, if different than "ship to" name.

*We ship to USA, Canada, Mexico, UK & Australia. International shipping rates apply, not responsible for lost or returned international orders, please choose tracking at checkout.

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Salad-in-a-Container Kit: Lettuce
Salad-in-a-Container Kit: Lettuce