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Pea Seed Collection

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Grow your own fresh, tasty peas for shelling, sautéing, adding to salads or snacking on right in the garden!  Your garden will pop with color with my personal selection of 6 packets of beautiful peas - including purple, green and container friendly varieties!

Peas are a cool weather vegetable and thrive in temperatures under 80 degrees F, and will take a light frost.

Fiesty Pea: (shelling pea) 30” vines produce many tendrils, many peas but few leaves. Use tendrils for garnishing, harvest in about 60 days.

Little Marvel Pea: (heirloom, shelling pea, semi dwarf) container friendly bush plants, large harvests, harvest in about 60 days.

Oregon Sugar Pod Pea: (heirloom, snow pea) large 4 1/2” edible pods, 28” vine, resistant to powdery mildew, harvest in about 60 days.

Royal Snow Pea: (Heirloom, snow pea) 3–3½” deep purple edible pods, 30" vines. Beautiful pink flowers. Add to salads, lightly sauté, or use as an edible garnish,  harvest in about 60 days.

Sugar Ann Snap Pea: (heirloom, AAS Winner, snap pea) 2 1/2” edible pods, 2’ vines, harvest in about 52-56 days.

Wando Pea: (heirloom, shelling pea) dark green pods, 30” vines, harvest in about 60 days. Tolerates early cold and remains productive in warm weather.

*Some seeds may be replaced with similar varieties based on availability.

*We ship to USA, Canada, Mexico, UK and Australia.  International shipping rates apply, not responsible for lost or returned international orders, please choose tracking at checkout.

    Pea Seed Collection