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Spring Garden Seed Collection (Heirloom)

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Grow your own fresh, tasty food with CaliKim’s personal selection for your spring garden! Includes 13 seed packets of easy-to-grow classic veggies:

 Marglobe Tomato (heirloom)

Golden Jubilee Tomato (heirloom)

Marketmore Cucumber (heirloom)

Black Beauty Zucchini Squash (heirloom)

California Wonder Pepper (heirloom)

Hungarian Hot Wax Yellow Pepper (heirloom)

Buttercrunch Lettuce (heirloom)

Red Romaine Lettuce (heirloom)

Red Russian Kale (heirloom)

Arugula (Roquette)

Sugar Ann Snap Peas (AAS winner, heirloom)

Red Burgundy Okra (heirloom)

Italian Large Leaf Basil (heirloom)

*Some seeds may be replaced with similar varieties based on availability.

*We ship to USA, Canada, Mexico, UK & Australia. International shipping rates apply, not responsible for lost or returned international orders, please choose tracking at checkout.


    Spring Garden Seed Collection (Heirloom)