I am always looking for ways that help me do more with less. If only I could have a few extra hours in my day to accomplish more.  Can you relate?

As gardeners, we know that consistent watering is the key to a productive garden.  Watering your garden can be a huge task, and eat up a lot of time.

Let’s face it – we all have busy schedules.  Some days watering is just not a priority – your plants don’t get the water they need to produce food for you.

Enter drip irrigation – quick and simple to install, inexpensive, and gets the water to where it needs to go!   This translates into lots of tasty, healthy veggies for my family to eat.

I’ve used drip irrigation in my garden for years.  It’s  a huge time and water saver.  I’d be lost without it.  As a general rule, if I can’t get water to it from my drip irrigation system, I don’t plant it.  I know myself.
img_8447I have kids to get to school,  loved ones I want to spend time with, a garden to maintain, videos to film, blog posts to write, dinner to make, the list goes on.  Hand watering is just not something I enjoy or have time to do.

Since I am growing my fall garden Smart Pots containers,  (click here to watch the “Growing Your Fall Garden” series) I knew I needed a drip irrigation system for my containers, and fast.

Enter DIG Corp.  We teamed up with DIG Corp to install a drip irrigation for containers.  You can read about that in this blog post.

The next, critical step was to automate my system.  I need to be able to “set it and forget it”.  Although it is a simple task to go outside, turn on my faucet to run the drip irrigation system for those Smart Pots, I know myself.  I will forget.  I won’t get to it.  Or worse, I will turn it on, and forget to turn it off.

I knew a timer for my container drip irrigation system was critical to the garden; providing consistent watering (a must), giving me my time back all the while giving me peace of mind.

I installed a simple solar powered hose end timer to automate my drip irrigation system.  It’s quick.  It’s simple and inexpensive.  Watch this video “How to Install a Timer to Automate your Drip Irrigation” on my YouTube channel to see how easy it is to install so that you can have your time back too!

Comment below and share how it has helped you. Has automating you garden watering given you some time back?  Has it helped you spend more time with your kids, allowed you to go on vacation, or helped you grow more of your own food?

See you in the garden,



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