A Red Line Summer By CameraGuy

CaliKim and I work a lot, and we work hard to bring quality content to you, the CaliKim YouTube, Instagram, Website/Blog followers. This is not a complaint, we enjoy what we do.  However, this past summer, honestly, we red lined.  Our relationship strained, our availability to our children took a hit and even Mac our dog, seemed at times depressed (he’s okay).

Our Hawaiian vacation celebrating our 30 year anniversary could not have come at a better time.  The Hawaiian Islands forces you to slow down.  For example,  top speed on the highways? 45 mph.  This is “accelerator shock” for one that drives Southern California’s 405 Freeway racetrack daily.  As well, for the last 10 days all I’ve worn is shorts, tee/casual shirts and sandals.  I could get used to this.  Here is a photo CaliKim and I have not shared anywhere else but here,with you all, on the blog.

K and J Bamboo Forest

Hiking the Bamboo Forest on the Pipiwai Trail

We went hiking, exploring, snorkeling and restauraunting.  And finally, on a sandy beach and to the sound of the surf and tropical birds, we were able to set goals, priorities and daily routine, for CaliKim Fall YouTube, Blog, Instagram and Products/Services.  We are excited for Fall and what lies ahead for our followers.  Stick around.

Red Line Check For You

If I could pass one thing to you, our readers, it would be this: keep an eye on your tachometer-your red line gauge.  Ask those around you to be brutally honest to tell you when it appears that you are redlining.  No relationships are worth losing due to redlining.

To all of you that follow and support us, to those that congratulated us on our 30 years via YouTube comments; I hope you found this blogpost helpful and I want to say, Mahalo.  I look forward to your comments – perhaps about how your life may have been impacted by redlining, or even impacted by this post.

See you then,



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