Wonderful Maui

This is CameraGuy blogging today. We had never been to Maui before; we could not wait to go.  And, as I am sure you all can relate, we needed a break. I hope you enjoy this 2 minute highlight video of CaliKim and I, celebrating our 30 year anniversary.  And to answer the question asked by many – yes, were married when were 10. Ha Ha.

We are very excited to announce that we will once again be posting to our 2nd Channel, CaliKimCameraGuy (where this video is posted).  Please, go subscribe and watch some of our behind the scenes videos.  These videos allow you to get to know the ‘off camera’ side of CaliKim and Camera Guy.   I also take you behind the scenes to show you how I shoot some of our episodes.  We hope you that enjoy the videos there!  We will do our best to post to this channel as our schedule allows!  You all are the best – CameraGuy and CaliKim

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